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Flooting helps get the billions of pounds worth of stuff cluttering up houses globally back into circulation We're currently focusing on London but starting to spread out.

We're trying to deal with all the pains people suffer when trying to get rid of unwanted stuff by offering:

1. Rewards. When you list stuff on Flooting you earn points. You can use those points to get stuff you do want in return. You can think of this as asynchronous points powered swaps.

2. One pic listing. Forget transferring pics to the computer or trying to type descriptions on your mobile. On Flooting you can snap pictures of all the stuff, hit send and you're done.

3. Collection. So many times people say they'll collect and don't turn up. We reward early collection, and we're working on really simple postage options so your stuff can find a new home anywhere in the country.

4. Ease of use. We're cutting fields and forms to the minimum so that shifting stuff isn't a chore.

We hope you'll try Flooting. You can swap things & skills.

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