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Welcome visitors! My name is Aleksey. I am this site's creator and will be introducing this site on behalf of all of its administrators.

I had several general goals in mind when site began its life on the Internet (although some may disagree with me now):

We all know about bibliographies and ratings, let me briefly describe our Recommendations system:

Because we are all different, our likes are not all the same. You friend may like to read something that is not altogether to your taste. Would you then ask his for an advice on choosing a right book? Obviously, you will not. What if you and your buddy are two of a kind, you like the same thing and even think alike? Now imagine that there is not just 2 of you, but more like 300, and if everyone recommends something he or she liked, then you definitely will know for sure what to read next and avoid getting disappointed by the next book.

This is exactly how works. Number of our readers is ever increasing. Within them will be plenty of people who will share your likes and interests, as well as your opposites- antipodes. Based on statistical analysis and correlation probabilities, other people's opinions will be weighed against yours, and results can be seen in "Invisible Connections"

Once people with similar likings are identified, based on their rating's history, FantLab will give you reliable prognosis of your "enjoyment factor", in other words, your future rating of the book. Choosing only titles with highest projected ratings, FantLab creates very personal "To Read" list. You can get your "To Read" here - under "Recommended titles list", but before system can help you, you will need to rate at least 50 titles. The more books you read and rated, more accurate the results

Thank you!

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