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Unibase Solutions is a certified level 4 BEE contributor writing business software for over 20 years specializing in Property, Point of Sale, Automotive, Industry, Enterprise, Workshop and Workflow.

Unibase is able to write customized software specific to the needs and business requirements of the customer.

Unibase Solutions has been delivering complete and effective solutions to many business operations for over twenty years. We use an Application Service Provider model across wide area or local networks. We utilize both our own and international high level technology to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Unibase has a mission to develop our staff and to assist them where possible in reaching their full potential. We understand that a business cannot exist without the customer and as such we strive to serve our customers and assist them in growing their businesses through our software and through ongoing relationships. We constantly look for new ways of improving our software and making use of the latest technologies available.

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