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We're a Perl-loving web crafting team that builds enterprise and consumer products with a strong focus on ux/cx & desirability. We also handle Perl company trainings, constantly bringing new developers to Perl.

We’re one of the largest Perl teams in Europe, we have 100 people across Perl, BA, PM, QA and DevOps, with quite a few large projects under our belt. We have comprehensive expertise in coding OO Perl and have done it for many years.

As a Perl development company we stand apart not just through our expertise, but also through the dedication and passion that our Perl developers bring to the table. We’re community players and founders of

Moreover, we’ve been nurturing and growing the local Perl community and also sharing our love for Perl by delivering Perl trainings. We’ve turned that into a full trainings service for Perl companies who want a team of developers on their side for years to come.

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