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Building powerful Big Data systems that run efficiently, are very fast and simple to scale up should be easy for customers. Scalable makes this easy, by building the densest and most massive computational and IO firepower systems in market; wrapping them with properly configured and tuned software stacks.

With rates of unstructured data growth exceeding 60% CAGR/year, scale out Big Data computing becomes very cost prohibitive on inefficient systems. Tuning these inefficient systems for optimal performance running software and storage is a sisyphean task.

Instead of wasting money on inefficient systems, customers can buy less far more powerful hardware, to accomplish the same tasks. More efficient and faster systems means lower costs to perform the same computations.

This also enables customers to ask questions of their data they have not been able to even hope answering before. Performance and density are game changers in the era of massive data.

Scalable Informatics Inc. is a privately owned high performance computing and storage appliance solutions company, focusing on delivering focused pragmatic solutions to your computational and storage needs. Our belief is that one cannot use the non-scalable designs of the 1990s and 2000s to handle the massive computational and data volumes of the 2010's and beyond. That one cannot scale storage without simultaneously scaling computing and network bandwidth.

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