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MD Consuling is a consultancy and software provider with a strong focus on wikis and document management systems used to build rich user driven information portals in corporate environments.

As a full service provider we not only concentrate on the technical stage but also help our clients to overcome the initial hurdles of a project that involves different stakeholders and user groups. As part of our offerings, we provide the expertise to review and analyze systems regularly to make sure that they still fulfill business requirements.

Our vision is to help organizations to secure their knowledge being gathered over a long period of time and make it easily accessible in a quick and reliable way.

While covering the diverse experience and knowledge required in all phases, we are highly specialized in the tools we use in order to provide a thorough expertise on an expert level. We believe that a streamlined and coherent approach is mandatory to provide the best service possible.

Our products are all based the Foswiki Application Framework. Solutions created during the course of a projects directly flow back to Foswiki. As such our company operates in a commercial eco-system around Foswiki and related Open Source projects. Over the past years this mode of combining community & commerce has helped to build a vital environment of innovation in various fields.

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