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Who are we?

Here at Intema, we've been innovating in Digital Marketing since 1994, with products capable of boosting your Ecommerce, Mobile & Email Marketing with an automation software platform that uses predictive analytics to match customers with the most suitable products and services you offer.


Our mission statement is to "humanize the customer journey" with unparalleled personalization and automated campaigns. We believe machine-learning solutions can drive personalization and product matching to the next level, increase your customer lifetime value as well as increasing CTRs and conversions in your digital marketing activities.

What we do?

We develop software solutions, for medium and large companies, related to predictive marketing throughout a range of services spanning from email marketing to programming, gamification, SEO and more.

Our services?

Intema is also well known for our powerful, yet simple, email-marketing platform: Konversationtm. This modular technology allows handling a large number of sends (more than one million emails per hour) and highly customizable messages through dynamic content. Ask us for a free demo.

Predictive Marketing Enginetm integrates predictive analytics into your email campaigns, ecommerce analytics, and the mobile shopping experience of your customers generating the best content by anticipating their needs through predictive models and our sophisticated algorithm. We can implement our Predictive Marketing Engine solution in just 12 weeks and it seamlessly plugs into your Big Data. Ask us for a free demo.

Why us?

Pretty simply, we don't promise you the stars and we have realistic objectives. We are a one-stop shop and proponents of design thinking with a customer centric approach. We work hand-in-hand with our partners & clients to find what's best for them.

Enough about us--let's talk about you.

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