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clicks, installs, events, retention, bot activity detection, immediately postback to media sources

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It is designed for tracking mobile apps (iOS/Android) statistics.


Let's assume that you are an app owner, for example a game developer. You might want to know in detail what your users do within your game: how many users manage to get through the first or second level; how many gamers use in-app payments and when they use it (particular game level/ time of the day/week).

Moreover, app owner may require installation data: total installations number, the source of installation, whether it was commercial traffic or organic one (AppStore or Google play). Also, you would probably like to know the most effective traffic source (advertising networks, CPI/CPA services) in terms of the maximum download number, the most loyal customers attracted and the highest income, based on the comparison of the traffic source, installation, and in-app purchases.

Surely you acquire your traffic via CPI/CPA model and would like to have a sustainable integration in media sources that will send postbacks to CPI/CPA-networks right after the first app's initialization.

InstallTracker can do all of the above and even more.

We offer a reliable product at a fair price and with a simple integration of our SDK into your mobile applications.

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