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In a very abstract way, the FCS (factline Community Server) can be described as a Web-Based Collaboration System that enables authentified users to create & update & organise & find digital artefacts (e.g. online texts, files, images, videos, more complex data types). We call these artefacts "facts". Practically this means: FCS is used by groups of people (organisations, companies, communities ...) to create, to categorize and to update facts as well as to link existing facts to each other.

The focus of the system is on the efficiency of the collaboration. Core assumtions are:

Context is essential

Linking - It is important to refer to allready existing information in a dynamic information environment. Therefore linking should be easy and permanent.

Categorization - Oftentimes information not only fits in one categorization logic, but in several. Therefore every fact can be assigned to more than one category (=folder).

Availability needs to be preserved

Version control - every information should be permanently accessible, thus updating an information should create a new version rather than overwriting the exisiting one

Unique ID - every information should be accessible through an unique URL that contains the unique ID of the information (=factID)

Collaboration has to be organized

Access Management - In order to manage collaboration, all versions of any fact should be able to carry their individual access permissions (e.g. who can read-access a fact version or who can create facts in a folder)

User Management - Access (=Permissions) should be granted upon group membership rather than "hardcoded roles". that way it's possible to exactly recreate the organisational structure of an organisation or community

One needs to stay in the loop in order to participate

Notifications - On FCS every user has the option to be constantly notified about relevant additions or changes on a platform. Frequency of notification as well as the areas about which one wants to be informed are adaptable

Lates changes - Displayed inside the platform and based on read permissions they are an easy way to provide an overview about what's going on

Flexibility where it's necessary

Modules - FCS provides the framework to generate any thinkable datatype as an information object. From simple types like Online Texts or Files to complex types like questionaires or construction diaries. Every datatype sticks to the basic priciples of the underlying FCS (availability, versioning, permissions etc. )

Customization - every platform for every use case can be highly customized. A boread variety of system-options as well as custom CSS and JavaScript adaptations offer the possibility to adress almost every thinkable use-case that involves data-sharing and collaboration no matter what type of content is involved

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