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Continuity Partners provides planning, financing, and general support to independent financial advisors seeking help with acquisitions, organic growth, and succession planning. We are part of the Cambridge Investment Group family, which includes one of the largest privately owned independent broker-dealers – Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. Eric Schwartz founded Cambridge in the 1980s and has dedicated more than 30 years to supporting the independent ownership and objective advice model for independent financial professionals. Schwartz started to focus his talents on the challenges related to succession planning in 2007, resulting in the formation of Continuity Partners Group. Initially intended to specifically address succession planning for independent advisors with Cambridge, Continuity Partners also supports independent RIA firms as they develop effective long-term succession plans and strategies for continued business growth.

The demographic trend that is creating increasing demand for investment advice — millions of baby boomers retiring or planning their retirement — is creating opportunity, as well as concern, for the financial advisory sector. As these Americans are preparing for retirement, so are their financial advisors. The number of younger advisors in line to replace them is declining, contributing to a future talent shortage.

As financial advisors prepare to exit the business, many have been slow to establish succession plans detailing how and when to transition their practice to the next generation. Continuity Partners Group was created to help financial advisors bridge this gap and be well-prepared in the event of a planned or unplanned exit from the business. A well-orchestrated plan helps to ensure continuity of service to clients, enhanced long-term value of the firm, and future opportunity for the next generation.

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