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ByWater Solutions is made up of a diverse group of librarians, book lovers, technology and data geeks, photographers, Tolkien fans, space nerds, genealogists, knitters, composters, animal lovers (furry or hairless) and most importantly, open source fanatics.

Our carefully selected team of Koha experts is available 24/7 for personalized, responsive, and honest support.

At ByWater Solutions, our mission is to provide the highest quality of service for those seeking a significantly less expensive alternative to high priced software and technology solutions. With over ten years of web development and open-source software experience the staff of ByWater Solutions are perfectly placed to provide our customers with the personalized service needed for any IT development. In realizing that our clients'​ satisfaction is the most meaningful measurement of our continued success, we pride ourselves in providing complete customer fulfillment in all we do.

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