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All Around The World is a consultancy firm specialized in Perl.

Our consultancy expertise helps us solve specific problems, regardless of their nature. Whether the motives include lack of time, no expertise or lack of resources, we’ve delivered highly valuable solutions to fit our clients' needs.

Since we understand the old and the new, the legacy and the future, we are unlike any software development agency you’ve ever worked with.

All Around The World is also a game development studio that brings a little je ne sais quoi to games.

With our technical know how, our love of science, and our curiosity about human nature, we aim to develop a new type of MMORPG: a game we all want to play; a game with strong content and thought-provoking stories; a game designed with accessibility at heart, following the AA standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines; a game that remembers that science fiction means science, but also isn't afraid to have a bit of fun with it; a game that brings the richness of popular graphic MMORPGs to a text-based environment that runs in your browser, with no plugins or download required. 

We are Using Perl, Javascript, and PostgreSQL and much more

Introducing our MMORPG : Tau Station

Tau Station is a free-to-play text MMORPG, set in a post-apocalyptic future drawing heavy inspiration from many sci-fi classics. We'd say "Think Mad Max meets Firefly," but our lawyers said "no." So, pretend we didn't say that.

Join the ranks of survivors struggling to make something of the ruined galaxy left in the Catastrophe's wake. Take on missions, learn valuable details from dynamic characters, and participate in an epic story to uncover the terrifying secret that brought humanity to its knees. Captain your own starship, start a syndicate, challenge other players in combat, and explore a universe filled with hundreds of unique space stations and thousands of memorable encounters. Decide whether you want to help rebuild civilization, or turn a profit from its destruction.

• Hundreds of space stations and missions to explore at your own pace

• Missions with multiple outcomes that depend on your character’s choices

• Competitive and cooperative play options

• A deep science fiction story that unfolds as you play

• An evolving setting affected by the actions of the players

• Elite-style trading

• Free-to-play but not pay-to-win

• Browser-based – play from anywhere, with no downloads or plug-ins required

• Designed with accessibility at heart, following the AA standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

The development of Tau Station is well underway. For more information visit

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